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HARPE has entrusted the co-creation of his website www.harpe-paris.com society NEOFLY Agency. Purchased products are sold through HARP commercial sign of Femininity SARL, with a capital of 65 000 Euros, R.C.S of Paris 378 022 024, whose registered office is at 32 st Cléry, 75002 Paris. 

Production: NEOFLY Agency

Web address: http://www.neofly.com

Address: 13 Sente Giraud, 93260 LES LILAS 

Phone:  + 33 (0)1 53 56 19 20 



Hosts: OVH

Web address: www.ovh.com

Adress: 2 Rue Kellermann, BP 80157, 59053 ROUBAIX Cedex 1

Phone: +33 (0)8 203 203 63

E-mail: support@ovh.com


All rights of reproduction or citation reserved SARL HARP and FEMINITE.

Integration, development: NEOFLY Agency

Web and graphic design: Marion Gal

Photos: Liza Bouteille