Alice and Francois Wedding at Chateau d'Auvillers
 août 7, 2019

Alice and Francois Wedding at Chateau d'Auvillers

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We present you the marvelous wedding of Alice on July 06, 2019 in the castle of Auvillers. The futu
Those who are married to the sweet universe mixing elegance and seduction will love the marriage of Alice & François. Alice made her wedding dress at harp, we accompanied her for nearly a year in the making of her wedding dress. She has always dreamed of a vaporous dress, elegant and glamorous. The workshop has made its dress entirely made-to-measure with a train in satin. Discover this sublime photo report by Milo Photographie.

How did you meet each-other ?

We met at an after work at the VIP room in December 2013, I did not have my phone and he volunteered to take a picture of my friends and me. He asked me for my number to be able to send it to me and took the opportunity to invite me to take a drink (the photo was just an excuse). Our love story began 2 days after our meetings in this nightclub.

How / where did the request take place?

We went to the Maldives in March 2018, Francois had organized a surprise dinner on the beach (very romantic with small lanterns, ..). After dinner we went for a walk on the beach and he knelt down and made me his request. I did not see anything of the whole stay, not even the ring that he had hidden in the trunk of the hotel room!

Tell us about your wedding, place, date and theme

Before choosing the date we thought about what kind of wedding, what atmosphere we wanted and we immediately agreed on a secular ceremony outdoors. So we visited several places in the Paris region in April-May and we had a crush on the Chateau d'Auvillers in the Oise. The place is simply beautiful a small castle both modern and intimate with very nice exteriors. The caterer (IDCook) who is also the owner has been a kindness throughout the wedding it has really reinforced our choice. And since we got busy early we were spoiled for choice date issue and chose early July (6th). We then filed our file at the town hall for the civil ceremony and chose to do it a week before either June 29th. We were then able to start the research work of the service providers (photographer, videographer, etc.) and to start working on decorative ideas. We did not stop on a theme but instead we had a "color code" (peach, eucalyptus green, ivory, champagne / gold) included in the flowers, all the stationery, the accessories of the bride, the outfits of my witnesses .

D-Day: preparations, ceremony, reception, your feelings, sensations, anecdotes, etc ...

Our wedding weekend was perfect preparations for brunch return wedding. We had planned to arrive the day before (Friday, July 5) to install the room and the decor and spend the night at the castle with my fiance and what we did well. This allowed us to share one last moment both quiet before the big jump. We were lucky to be able to sleep in the bridal suite on Friday night and it was magical. Saturday morning when we woke up we were so relaxed no stress on the horizon.

The first providers (photographer and videaste) and my 2 beloved witnesses arrived around 10am because even if the ceremony was only at 16:30, our preparations began around noon for girls and we have installed the ceremony laique the morning even.

My witnesses prepared (makeup and hairstyle) with me in the bridal chamber it was a great moment shared together, I had for the occasion brought macaroons and sparkling wine story to make the moment even more festive. It was also at this moment that I received a gift from my husband: a silk kimono with embroidered initials, that of emotion !!

At 16:30 I went down to find my father who was waiting for me to arrive with me at the ceremony, my husband had not seen me during the preparations so he discovered me during the ceremony (like the rest of the guests), he was quite moved that he had a little lost his words for the introduction. This is one of our very good friends who officiated the ceremony that was the highlight of our wedding, filled with emotions, sincerity, attention we did not think it would be as beautiful, we wanted it still lasts hours. The guests all loved it all the more because we had chosen a ritual (that of the ribbons) allowing them to participate in our union.

After the ceremony it was cocktail on the terrace of the castle, a very good moment of sharing even if it is difficult to talk to everyone because we are much sought after. It was during the cocktail that we were eclipsed with my fresh husband, our photographer and videographer to go do some photos and shots in a wheat field next to the castle, with the light of the end of the day the result is sublime.

Back to the castle for the start of the meal with an entry into clubbing, the guests loved it and it helped set the mood. We had planned two animations between the different services that the guests have appreciated including the interactive quiz we had created (on kahoot) with gifts to the key :)

We then danced until the end of the night to put it back the next day at noon with a brunch of salty pancakes very appreciated!

A little advice for our future brides

Organize your wedding (laic and civil) on 2 week-end it allows to make the festivities last and not to be exhausted for the ceremony - To avoid the stress anticipate as much as possible the different posts in advance not to be taken unawares the last days I had made an excel file detailing each category to be sure to advance regularly (providers, decor, catering, ...) - Provide small personalized gifts for guests, we offered them magnets, fans, ecocups personalized with our wedding logo they loved. Our rented photo terminal has also been enormously successful! - Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy we only get married once :)