Le mariage de Lisa & Guillaume
 août 27, 2019

Le mariage de Lisa & Guillaume

Harpe Brides

We are pleased to present you the civil marriage and the lay marriage of Lisa and Good Luck near Paris. Lisa and her lovely mother came to Harpe in 2018 with a project of a "special" and "unpublished" creation for the bride's dress. Lisa's project immediately interested us, a fluid and ultra bohemian wedding dress, inspired by strapless dresses inlaid with lace. After a lot of research with our supplier in Calais, the selected guipure pleased the bride more than embroidery and lace. We started shaping the dress around the bust and the dress "Lisa" was born.

Lisa chose the Lolita dress from the Harp 2018 Civil Collection for her wedding at the City Hall and the bespoke wedding ceremony gown for her secular wedding.

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Victory crown earrings

Tell us a bit about your meeting

We met in college during a school trip and it's now 12 years together. We grew up together and the marriage was the culmination of this beautiful story. The request: for our 10 years, Guillaume took me to my favorite restaurant and then asked me in marriage on the place where we exchanged our first kiss.

Your marriage

We got married on July 7th at Les Jonnes Joies. We dreamed of a country theme and this room was for us a proof (both the place that Géraldine the owner who is a real fairy). The preparations were long, the time to find all the providers and coordinate everything, and it was well worth it. On the day we were totally relaxed and confident as well surrounded so that we could enjoy. We chose to make a secular ceremony, with my brother as a master of ceremonies who perfectly mastered the exercise. Who better than families and but to get married? :) The atmosphere and the magic worked directly during the evening, and we danced until the end of the night.

A little advice to give to our future brides:

Organize a brunch the next day, can make the moment last and enjoy the guests. The short jumpsuit from Harp is perfect for the occasion.