Le mariage de Marion & Julien
 sept. 16, 2019

Le mariage de Marion & Julien

Harpe Brides

Marion, our unusual bride in the rustic and stylish world. Discover the beautiful marriage of this couple on June 27, 2019 in the Arcachon basin. Atmosphere walk in the sand in combination trousers of the bride. Discover the beautiful photos of the couple created by Alexandra Pottier

  •     How did you meet each-other?

We met in London, where we both worked at the time - one of my witnesses was working in the same office at the time. Julien arrived at the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain where our respective companies were domiciled. All the companies hosted in this context were divided into two open spaces: Julien was in the open space serious and very studious but not very fun, and me in a much cool office where we laughed all day. I have very few memories of the first time I saw Julien -shirt, small glasses, look wise, nothing to report-, while he remembers very well to have spotted me and to have said that one day we would be together. It took us two years, a professional reconversion in lyric singing for me and a trip around the world for him to finally find us and start our story.

  • How and where did the request come?

At our first dinner together, we immediately talked about marriage. Julien had emphasized the importance it had for him and the romanticism that it inspired him, and I swept it with a masterful "for me, marriage is administrative".
Except that here, seven years later, the wheel has turned: Julien no longer sees the point of getting married, while on my side I despair of finally having the long-awaited demand - and that he had formally forbidden me to make him.
At the beginning of May 2018, we go to spend the weekend in his family home on the Arcachon basin, a place we love. One evening, while I went to bed early, he wakes me up in the middle of the night, telling me that the shower is broken and that I have to come help him control the flood. I jump up and follow him, but when he comes out of the room he slams the door just after him, leaving me in the room. I do not understand, I try to open to follow him but he keeps the door closed on the other side. The brain still fogged, I pull on the handle once, twice, three times, then I let go, not understanding too much the interest to joke when there is urgency. Finally, I try to open again and I fall on the stairs, lit by a path of candles in the center of which runs a carpet of rose petals. I understand instantly and am immediately divided between excitement and consternation: I wake up several hours of sleep, I'm in my pajamas pilou-pilou and I certainly must not have the head of the young woman freshly engaged and radiant . Never mind, I wanted a demand rooted in reality, here it is! He was at the end of the road, all handsome and excited. We spent the rest of the night admiring my ring and pinching ourselves to realize that we were getting married "for real" and that we would be together "forever".

  • Tell us about your wedding, place, date and theme

You have understood, the great romantic of the couple is not myself if I am willing to be convinced. Julien dreamed of a big wedding, whereas I would rather have opted for a starred restaurant in a small committee.
Finally, we embark for the big wedding. On the other hand, out of the question to make a princess wedding. We want something warm and friendly, in our image.
We decide to take advantage of these few days to discover our loved ones this region that we love so much, the Arcachon basin and in particular the Dune du Pyla. We choose to organize in two stages: the civil wedding will take place on Thursday, June 27, and the secular ceremony on Saturday, 29. We have no particular theme, but let's focus on the region and the exceptional setting of our place reception. After the town hall, we give appointment to our guests in front of the best artisan glacier basin, the Sorbet of Love. It is 38 degrees, everyone is delighted with this cool break! We then take the boat to Cap Ferret, and join the most charming oyster hut in Cape Town, facing the Dune du Pyla.
Saturday, June 29, we receive in an old tavern located in the pine forest at the foot of the dune

literally at the foot of the dune: I let you discover in the photos the wall of sand that climbs steeply from our place of ceremony. Everything is articulated around the surrounding nature: decoration of pine cones and vegetables of the basin, workshop oysters of the basin during the cocktail, logs of wood as a bread plate, tartare of skinny - a fish of the basin - in entry, and beer brewed on the pool for the late evening. The white wine is the one we found in our oyster shack, and I insisted that the staff of our caterer is in marinière -red, we are in the Bordelais.
We chose an original organization: Meet and greet and welcome drink at 11am, ceremony at 11:30, cocktail at 12:30 and lunch at 14: 30-17: 30; the meal is followed by moments of conviviality and relaxation (nap in hammocks, pétanque, molky, ascent of the dune accessible from a private path, ...) that allow us to really enjoy our guests, and from 20h the evening dancing animated by our group and a DJ comes to crown this day. Charcuterie and cheese boards are available to our guests, and we then serve large trays of canelés as well as crates of cherries and apricots. We will dance for 7 hours.
For the brunch, a pancake truck was waiting for our guests who loved this formula!

  • Did the combination surprise your guests?

Unquestionably. The bets were taken on my dress, my witnesses had even launched a contest Guess the Dress at my bachelor party! Each one confided to me what she thought she had guessed, from my cousins ​​to my friends. What a joy to surprise them all - and all!

  •     A little advice to give to our future brides

The more you anticipate your organization, the more you will enjoy the moment on the day. Every detail must be listed and planned, and each task explained to the people who will manage them: your families, witnesses and friends are not in your head, and what you seem obvious is not necessarily for them. Organize things your way, and make your choices.
And especially, D-day, let go: everything will not happen as you expected, do not ruin this beautiful day for so little. You marry the man of your life: smile, you are happy!

Combinaison Harpe Paris
Voilette So Helo
Pochette Polène
Escarpins Jimmy Choo
Coiffure et Maquillage Jean-Manuel Domingos
Costume Hugo Boss
Noeud papillon et pochette Le Colonel Moutarde
Coiffure et barbier Jeanne Barbière d'Arcachon
Fleurs et décoration florale Christine Cartier
Tente nomade Nomad'Events
Son et lumière Alegria
Traiteur Humblot
Fromager MOF Renald Fromager
Cabane à huîtres La cabane du Mimbeau
Choux à la crème Popelini
Lieu de réception Chez Tintin
Musique We Funk
Cérémonie laïque Plume Cérémonie
Cabine photo : Clic O Matic
Wedding planner : Marion Reudet